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Tree services are important because as trees age, they start to hang, they leave debris and sometimes deteriorate or collapse due to bad weather conditions. It does not necessarily only cater to trees, as shrubs and bushes are also included in these services. We recommend that you take care of these issues before they worsen and cause damage to your property or potentially to yourself or others. We do not recommend you trying to solve these issues on your own, as it is possible that you might be doing more bad than good to the environment and your property.

About Us

Bedford Tree Service has been the go to company for all matters related to tree landscaping services. We continue to keep our customers satisfied resulting in our continued success over the many years. We are a motivated team of individuals with experienced and licensed professionals ready and waiting to serve our next client. We strive to achieve your goals together with our helpful insights in order to make the best decisions. We will help fulfil your needs for your landscaping goals for both residential and commercial tree services. We look forward to working hand in hand with you in our future projects.
Our equipment and tree services were created with our clients residential or commercial tree, shrub or even landscaping needs and wants in mind. We are Bedford’s most affordable tree service company. We offer a tree trimming service, tree cutting service, bush removal service and palm tree services. Our services are available to people living in the Bedford, TX area. We are also open to talking with new and existing clients about our many other services that we offer and can recommend for your specific goal that you want to achieve.

Tree & Shrub Trimming

Tree trimming is the removal of branches or stems in order to benefit the tree. The removal of dead or diseased branches will help prevent insects that cause the tree and its branches to decay from effecting the tree. This is achieved with the help of tree branch cutters, bush trimmers, brush trimming and tree pruners. Shrub trimming is the removal of thick branches to promote new growth. This process can be done with a hedge trimmer.

Tree Removal & Disposal

When we talk about tree removal and shrub removal, it usually means the cutting down of the tree, disposing it and most times the removal of the stump from the ground. The cutting down of the tree is done with a chainsaw and in a number of stages, depending on the size of the tree, to ensure no one is hurt and no property is damaged. When disposing it, it’s cut into chips and taken away.

“Bedford Tree Service Company has helped me more than once with a tree moving situation by providing tree movers. We didn’t want to part with our trees at the old property therefore we called up the team and they arranged for a suitable time to help relocate them. They made the move so much easier for me. I’m really glad I found their number in the first place!” -Steven M


Stump Grinding & Removal

When stump grinding takes place, a stump grinder or a stump cutter is used to grind the stump down to ground level while the roots of the tree are left to rot away. However, there is a possibility of the tree sprouting again. Stump removal is the removal of the entire stump including root removal. This method is extremely labor intensive and strenuous work, but it leaves zero chance for the tree to sprout again.

Tree Planting & Moving

Most times tree planting is not like flower or vegetable planting, it is the transplanting of tree seedlings. If you don’t have the time to sit around and watch your trees grow from seeds, then this is the solution for you. Trees of any size can be moved with the correct and specialized tree moving service. It can also be done at any time of the year and is more cost effective than the cost of planting from seeds.

“After a bad storm that left my backyard in a complete state, I called Bedford Tree Service and before I knew it they were at my door. They provide an emergency tree service which is a storm damage clean up service which came in handy for me on this particular day. My backyard looked much better after they cleaned up.” -Brenda L


Landscape Maintenance

Landscape and tree maintenance is the craft of keeping your landscape healthy, well looked after and beautiful. Landscape maintenance includes lawn mowing, tree pruning, tree removal or moving, tree care service, palm cleaning, branch cutting, tree mulching, shrub planting, brush clearing, brush removal and tree shredding. Landscape maintenance may also include the redesign of your landscape to what you want it to be or to what better suits you in terms of keeping looking its best.

Storm Damage Clean Up

Storm damage can be anything from flooding to a fallen tree on your roof. In the case of flood damage, if the water is not draining away, there is the service of water extraction to ensure there will be no long term damage to your landscape. In the case of a fallen tree on your roof, there is the tree removal service which will ensure the tree is removed safely from your property.

“I don’t always have the time to go to my yard because I’m a new mother and so I used Bedford Tree Service to help with my shrub maintenance. The shrubs were getting out of control which left my yard looking like a mess. I also struggle looking after them on my own. Having the professionals come in left me with extra time to look after my baby while they took care of my shrubs.” –Melinda B

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