Stump Grinding & Removal


After the removal of a tree or if a tree has fallen down, the stump will still likely be in place as there will be roots attached to the stump. After tree removal and tree disposal has taken place you will need to do stump grinding or stump removal. Stump grinding involves grinding the stump down to below the earth. Stump removal is removing the entire stump. Remember there is always the possibility of the stump growing back so if you want to plant a new tree in the same place then stump removal will be the best option. If you are in need of stump grinding or stump removal, then we are the team you need.

Root Removal

If you are needing to remove a stump in your yard, then you will also need to do root removal as roots will still be attached to the stump. The process of removing roots is time consuming and will need experts who know the amount of time it takes and can remain patient throughout. Our experts know how to expose the roots and they know the exact chopping methods to use when removing roots. We provide both residential and commercial root services to our clients. Put your trust in us to get the job done the right and more convenient way.


If you try and take out a stump on your own you will soon see that it is not an easy job, but luckily you have us. The process and length of time of stump grinding and stump removal are quite different. Removing the entire stump can be tricky as the roots are still intact and digging is involved, therefore this process will need more time. There is no digging involved in the stump grinding process as we use a special technique hat grinds away at the stump. Which method is faster? Stump grinding. If you are wondering which method is better for your situation, then we can easily help you make that decision.

Licensed Professionals

The process of handling stump grinding and removal requires licensed and professional experts, which is what we pride ourselves on having. We want to always put our best foot forwards and we do that by having a top notch team of experts in the tree service business. We understand our city and we hear our people’s needs as well as meet them. We stand by our name and our quality we provide. The Bedford area has put their trust in us for a number of years now and we look forward to continue keeping our present and future clients satisfied.

Equipment Used

The machine that we use for tree stump grinding is our stump grinding machine. The machine has a disc that spins around with sharp edges that grind away at the stump until it’s at its desired height which is below the level of the ground. We use tree spades which scoops an entire tree out of the ground, removes the roots, removes the soil surrounding the tree and gets the job done extremely fast. After the removal the tree spades can replant the exact same tree in a new spot. Our intimidator machine can rip bushes, trees and stumps out of the ground.