Tree & Shrub Trimming

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Some trees tend to grow into and over places that can potentially be quite dangerous. Shrubs make a good addition to most landscapes but if they are left to grow without any trimming or maintenance, then overtime they will keep growing until they look messy and unattractive. Tree trimming is recommended in order to maintain the overall shape of your trees, to control them and keep them in safe distance from any telephone or power lines that may cross your property. Tree trimming and shrub trimming are essential to keeping it looking attractive and within its boundary of space.

Bush Pruning

There is an art and process to pruning that sometimes only the experts know as we have the years of experience behind us. This is a crucial step to take with your more mature trees as they usually have decaying or decayed branches. The damaged and dead parts of the bushes can attract insects and should be removed so that no further damage can take place. We provide the state of the art equipment in order to easily handle the bushes in the best way possible. All plants need pruning check-ups if you are wanting to keep them for a long time.

Tree and Shrub Care

Every tree is an asset to a property and should be treated with the utmost care and love. Make an appointment for your tree if you think it has a disease or a pest problem. We understand that you don’t always want to cut down a tree and the good thing is that you don’t always have to. There are other solutions that could be more beneficial for you and the environment. Let our team of experts and certified arborists take care of your tree in best way possible and figure out the absolute best solution.

Tree Shredding

Your trees are starting to get too big and are now blocking the beautiful views you once had. Tree shredding is an important aspect of maintaining your garden or yards image. This dangerous and highly technical process is a technique that involves removing the trees side branches leaving only the trunk. Removing heavy loads such as is dangerous and should always be handles by professionals. Trees usually grow so much that they begin to overgrow and this can be quite problematic for home owners. Our full service company can help you deal with your tree shredding whenever you need.

Brush Trimming

Brush trimming is needed for small shrubs, small trees and undergrowth. Undergrowth consists of thick shrubs and other plants specifically under trees in forest areas. We also offer tree removal and brush clearing as a part of the package. We have the right protective and non-slip equipment needed for the trimming process and the knowledge to handle this matter, gained over our many number of years in the tree service business. This process requires considerate and careful preparation. We need to study the exact location before-hand to set out the safest ways and to stay away from power lines.