Tree Removal & Disposal

We understand how difficult it can be to remove large objects such as trees on your own or without any of the necessary equipment. We also know that sometimes our clients don’t want to remove their trees, but if the tree is close to dying or is already dead then we recommend getting tree removal. We assure you that you are in safe hands with us as we let our professionals handle the removal and disposal so that everyone is safe especially when there are heavy loads in the picture. We are here to help you remove and dispose of your unwanted trees in most efficient and the safest way possible.

Emergency Tree Service

Trees tend to fall over due to bad weather conditions, a leaning problem or the tree is dead. This emergency service is open 24 hours a day in order to keep all our clients in the area safe and satisfied. If you have a one of the abovementioned problems, then get in contact with our team so we can help you out as soon as possible and take all the necessary precautions. Our emergency service team gets the job done speedily at an affordable price for you.

Tree Landscaping Service

Your landscape is in need of some tender loving care that we are ready to provide. We help with garden designs and layouts so that you know exactly where to place your next beautiful tree. We provide lawn care, tree removal and tree installation. We have been offering the Bedford area a complete and well set up landscape service for a number of years now.

Tree Movers

If you want to make room for construction, then you will have to move the trees in the area or dispose the trees. There are farms that allow you to store your tree for a few years while your property is under construction and then relocate them back to your property after its completed. We help you move your trees to new locations or dispose of them if the tree is dead. We are not afraid of moving some big trees. We also assist in tree transplanting, which is planting the tree in a new location.


We have all the equipment needed to carry out our tasks in a safe and efficient manner. We use state of the art machinery in order to help remove and dispose of the trees. We advise you to not try remove a tree on your own as it could potentially be dangerous, as working with heavy loads can cause injuries to the body. This is a tedious task that involves complications that you might not know or have experience dealing with. Our equipment gives us the leverage that we need to get up to high places and to be able to deal with any obstacles we might face. We also offer stump grinding service.