Storm Damage Clean Up

Foundation Repair Bedford
You never know what the effects of the storm will have on your landscape, but if the storm has left your yard looking damaged then we are here to clean up the mess for you. If a tree has fallen down, then we will send our tree removal service and tree moving service over to your place. If the situation is urgent then don’t hesitate to contact our emergency tree service. We understand that these type of situations can be stressful and potentially not safe but we aim to get it under control as quick and efficiently as possible.

Storm Debris Removal

Our emergency tree service team will remove unwanted debris that is left behind after a storm has hit. We know this can be a stressful situation for anyone so let us handle it and ease the load for you in the most professional and safe way possible. We can definitely speed up the job for you. Storm debris consists of storm damaged trees, signs that have fallen down, any objects that has been blown onto your property by the wind and bush debris.


There are some safety measures that you can take before the storm hits to prevent damage.
We can help you prune branches and bushes that are too close to a house or specifically a window in order to prevent or lessen the damage during and after the storm. We can assess if there is anything too close to telephone lines, electric fences or other dangerous wires. Lastly we can assess the trees that are leaning over to one side too much and decide what measures to take. If you know there is a storm coming your way, then get our professionals to assess your situation and decide on what to safely remove before the storm.


The storm has caused your yard or a certain area to flood excessively and now you’re not sure what step to take next. Our state of the art equipment will be able to care of that next step for you and treat the flooding issue as quickly as possible, before further damage can take place. Our machinery can drain the excess water out of the flooded area and leave you feeling a lot less stressed. Our expertise and professionalism in tree services, storms and flooding mean that we can provide you with the exact assistance that you are seeking.

After storm

This is a very stressful time for people as now you get a feel of how massive the damage in your yard truly is. We advise you to not try to handle the situation without seeking our professional help, solutions and assistance. If branches have become too close to utility lines, then allow us to assess what the best solution is as this can be an extremely dangerous situation. We can decide which branches to cut, assist with tree removal situations if needed and provide a tree care service to see what a slightly damaged tree could need in order to be healthy again. Find out much more details about us.