Tree Planting & Moving


As we all know, landscapes change with time. There will undoubtedly be a time when you have to spend a little money in order for your landscape to continue growing and blossoming. We can help with situations such as wanting to increase the size of your home or other building plans but there are some trees in the way, change locations but still keep the same tree you already own or a tree has grown so large that it now needs to be moved into a much bigger and more fitting area. Let our qualified tree movers help you with these big moves.

Bark Protection

During a trees first couple of years in the ground, you need to protect it and keep it healthy on this inside and the out. A tree guard can be a good option for protecting the trunk. The best time to start protecting your tree is from the moment you place it inside the ground, but if you have not done this yet then there are ways to protect the tree afterwards. Let our team of experts guide you through these vital steps. We must remember that when a tree is injured the bark gets scratched and this can affect the trees natural abilities.

The Environment

By planting trees, you are saving the environment. The more trees you plant in an area, the cleaner the air gets and the properties surrounding all the trees will go up in value. We educate clients by providing a tree planting guide during our free consultation, which will give clients a list of trees that are suitable for their environment. You need to take into consideration the amount of sun exposure your tree is going to get wherever you choose to finally place it. We help you make the right decisions on placement because it’s important to think long-term.

Tree Transplanting

You need to move a tree from one location to a new location while still keeping it intact. Our company will dig up the tree, dig a new whole and replant it. The transplanting of small trees is usually more successful than the large trees and we will need to assess the trees before moving them in order to see if they have the potential for survival. We will need a certain amount of time to prepare the two sites for the process. We will return to maintain the health of the tree and ensure the transplanting is on the right track to success.

Safety Guidelines

There are going to be places and objects that you will need to stay away from when planting a new tree. You need to plant your tree away from power lines and you also need to consider your property lines as you don’t your trees growing over onto someone else’s property. You need to think about the tree when it is fully grown and if it will still fit in the space you have provided it. You need to also be careful of planting trees very close to other trees as they might start to clash in the future when they start to mature.