Landscape Maintenance

You want to keep the landscape you currently have looking as healthy as it did when you first invested your time on it. The problem is that people may forget to maintain here and there but we are here to continuously put the extra effort in so that you not only start seeing results but also stay pleased with the results over a long time. You get these continuous good results by using our brush removal service, our tree cutting service, our tree branch trimmers, palm cleaning, shrub pruning, shrub maintenance, and our tree trimming service. Shrub pruning is ideal when your shrubs are overgrown or have damaged parts that need to be cut down.

Tree Mulching

We understand that people want to make their yards look more appealing by putting mulch around their trees. We know this can maintain the moisture of the soil and control weed issues but if you don’t put the mulch on correctly or too excessively then you can do more harm than good. If you apply the mulch in the wrong way, then you can actually end up starving your trees roots as they won’t be getting enough oxygen supply. This is where we step in and not only help you but also provide you with the right information for future reference on tree mulching.

Palm Cleaning

There are many things you need to do if you are wanting your palm trees to keep looking neat and tidy. After you have pruned your palm trees you will need to clean them. If you look closely at your palm trees leaves then you will see hairs, which over time can grow until they look unattractive and quite hairy. If you leave your trees to grow without any cleaning, then they will become messy and home to unwanted insects. The cleaning process consist of shaving the hairs off of the leaves leaving them clean and beautiful again.

Branch Cutting

There are specific dos and don’ts when it comes to cutting the branches off of your precious trees. You have to be extremely careful when dealing with a tree as you might damage the bark and therefore damage the way the trees naturally heal after removing a branch or limb. Let our team of professionals handle the cutting of branches so that the healing process of the tree can take place as normal and as natural as possible. Remember the branch will never grow back and the tree will simply grow a scar over where the branch has been cut off.

Landscape Enhancements

You want your landscape to be the first thing people notice when they walk onto the property but it’s just not at that level of wow yet. We can help you get there by setting out clear goals and planning all the steps that will get your landscape looking beautiful and to exactly how you want it. By judging the piece of land we are working with, we can see what new assets can go where and know that it will be a safe addition to the environment. We can also suggest innovative ideas that could help solve problems you face daily.